The Most Adaptable Digital Display

Recently, we were interviewed by WOIO Cleveland’s Brian Duffy for a story and short segment about our BluBoard technology. During the pre- interview meeting, we tried to give Brian a 10,000 foot overview on the technology. After a few minutes, and a few questions from Brian, he realized that we are a lot different than the television display people watch him on during his morning segment. But, what if we never had that conversation with Brian, would he still have understood our technology?

Over recent months we have truly gotten to understand, the major emphasis on educating our end users and customers. Brian is right, we are not a traditional LCD screen that may be sitting in the living room of his viewers. So you may ask, what are we? My answer would be, “The most adaptable digital display.” In short, we are bridging the gap between paper/cardboard signs and the traditional LCD screen. By having the ability to get brighter in direct sunlight, zero power capabilities, and the wire free feature, BluBoard is introducing a new market. Though, we cannot stream videos or have sound on our display, we do not care!

BluBoard, is aimed for the end users who are tired of printing and trashing signage after it used. Or the locations where a message/information has to be conveyed but power cords are not an option. We are at the forefront of introducing a new market of signage with E-paper and that is just the physical attributes of our display. The long range capability (LoRa) and the proprietary content management system add to making this, the cornerstone of IoT. I would suggest, you remember our name!

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