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Mark Lorkowski

A resourceful self-starter, Mark is the visionary behind BluBoard. Hailing from a long line of engineers, he is well seasoned when it comes to developing new technologies. An avid reader, he’s always striving to stay abreast of all technological advancements. While he possesses the coveted ability to recognize and pinpoint areas of inefficiency in systems he also has the skills and tenacity to revamp and optimize those systems. Not to be outdone, he boasts the confidence to challenge systems that claim to be beyond improvement.

Championing the BluBoard system, he looks forward to a promising successful future. With his steadfast belief in loyalty, his team is honored to have him as their fearless leader. As their captain he instills in them a sense of responsibility and security in a traditionally unstable industry. Resilient in spirit, his motto is, "If you're going to fail, fail fast. Then go at it again."

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Peter DeCapua

Truly a natural-born salesman. He could sell fresh eggs to a chicken! With BluBoard it's easy for him to support such a profoundly special new age product and service. He is the public face of BluBoard. He fights for it with everything he has and then some. He pounds the pavement not only getting the BluBoard name out there but getting it into the hands of those who need it most. He is responsible for the enthusiasm that our current and potential customers have for BluBoard.

With Peters persistence and determination his team members know that when in doubt he'll always be the one with a smile. His value isn't just in what he sends out for us, what he brings back is just as important. He is often the first point of contact between our customers to us. He relays the comments and concerns to our R&D department so that we are always in sync with our goal to provide the best products and services as possible. His number one rule to live by, "for every no you get, you're that much closer to a yes."

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Alex Brickner

Every great team needs a voice of reason and at BluBoard that voice belongs to Alex! His inquisitive nature wards off complacency by keeping his fellow team members on their toes. He has a strong background in accounting and ERP systems. Dubbed, “the businessman,” he tasks himself with ensuring that BluBoard's logistics are taken care of on the business side of the organization.

Alex is always a step ahead of what needs to be attended to. Here this man wears more than one hat; he's also in charge of server management. His team members find his organization and attention to detail skills invaluable to the success of BluBoards’s systems. His career is driven by passion. His advice for others looking to follow in his footsteps, "Do something you're passionate about. People can and do notice when you are or aren't. So make sure whatever you are focused on you can devote your heart and soul to."

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Michael Gamble

This pillar of team morale is impossible to overlook! Garnering 15+ years of technology experience he serves as a beacon of light for the rest of the team during stressful times. He is responsible for the overall look, content, and design of all things BluBoard. There is no problem he can't find a solution to. There is no task too daunting that he won't be willing to approach. He created the face of BluBoard.

When naysayers questioned the validity of the product and software he was first to step up, take them by the hand, and show them it's true potential. This embodiment of a "true" team-player, is instrumental to the functionality of all facets of what drives the BluBoard family. Michael is the BluBoard spirit! He says, "Don't let anyone stop you from reaching your goals. If you can envision it, then it can be so."